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Niemi LaPorte & Dowle Appraisals is your local Richmond Real Estate Appraisal company. Our offices serve Richmond and the surrounding region with local appraisers who are familiar with the local market in your community. Our appraisers live and work in these municipalities, and with a team of nine residential (four CRA) and four commercial (all AACI, P. App. designated) appraisers at your service, we are best able to serve your real estate appraisal needs in the Richmond community.

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Local Community Profile

The City of Richmond is located in the geographic center/west of Metro Vancouver, which is located in the southwestern region of British Columbia. Richmond is comprised of several islands which are formed from the Fraser River delta, and is bordered by the north arm of the Fraser River to the north and east, the south arm of the Fraser River to the south and east, and by the Strait of Georgia to the west. Richmond was incorporated in 1879 and achieved city status in 1990. With a geographic area of approximately 129.67 square kilometres and a 2008 population estimated at approximately 188,100, Richmond is British Columbia’s fourth most populous city.

Geographically, Richmond is primarily comprised of the two largest (and only populated) islands, which are Lulu Island and Sea Island. Sea Island includes the residential community of Burkeville, but is primarily known as the location of Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Lulu Island comprises the majority of Richmond’s population, and includes many distinct neighbourhoods, including the historically significant fishing village of Steveston. Richmond is also known as the most ethnically diverse city in Canada, with an immigrant population of 59% of Richmond’s total. Additionally, over 1/2 of Richmond’s population is currently of Asian descent.

As Richmond was formed from a river delta, the land is very fertile for farming. Therefore not surprisingly Richmond was historically a farming community, and agriculture continues to be a significant industry particularly for east Richmond. Other major industries in Richmond include technology firms, airport services, manufacturing, retail trade, health care and educational services. Central Richmond has experienced significant increases in density over recent years, with numerous high rise residential developments. Additionally, the Canada Line rapid transit system has provided high speed transportation between central Richmond, Vancouver International Airport, and downtown Vancouver. The key transportation corridors (Highway 99 and 91) connect Richmond to the communities of Vancouver, New Westminster, and Delta.

For all of your Richmond appraisal needs, contact Niemi LaPorte & Dowle Appraisals.

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