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Community & Diversity

We value our communities

Niemi LaPorte & Dowle Appraisals are proud to provide support to local organizations and charities in our communities.

We support various charities and causes, with donations by cash or gift in kind including:

We value communication and diversity

Metro Vancouver and the Greater Fraser Valley region of south-western British Columbia is comprised of a large and diverse ethnic minority population. The 2006 Census showed approximately 41.7% of the Metro Vancouver population were of visible minority origin. As Metro Vancouver represents about 50% of the Province's population, the result is that British Columbia is Canada's most ethnically diverse province.

Some of the most statistically significant minority groups include Chinese, South Asians, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese, South-East Asians, West Asians, and Latin Americans. Vancouver's status as a Pacific Rim Gateway has contributed to the significant immigrant population from Asia in particular.

Our Team of residential and IC&I appraisers, as well as our support staff, include professionals fluent in the following languages in addition to English:

Our appraisers and support staff will be happy to serve you or your clients in any of the above languages.